Steph looking fablous


Kerry Katona -Celebrity Wedding Planner

I met up with Kerry and Steph’s sister Becki in Maureen’s Fabrics to discuss the design Kerry had in mind.  It had to have a corseted bodice and big princess skirt in a floaty fabric, also some royal blue was to be incorporated into the dress. 

We looked through magazines, picking out all the different features Kerry wanted. I took some burgundy coloured tulle to show Kerry and Becki the effect the royal blue could have at the back of the dress.

I went through Maureen’s swatch books to chose the satin, organza and tulle and she ordered the fabric.  Kerry had given me Steph’s measurements so as soon as I got home I got to work. 

I have only ever made 2 other dresses without seeing/meeting the client!


Royal Blue tulle with a cute bow at the bottom of the lacing


First of all I made the boned corset – using lots of darts of different sizes so that I could define the waistline a little more, (the same principle as period  whalebone corsets which give hour glass shapes, but more comfortable. )


Then I made the underskirt which had lots of layers in order to give the princess shape that Kerry wanted.  The fabrics arrived by courier and I could then get to work cutting out the A shaped skirt in satin and the very full circular skirt in the organza.

These were stitched together and I put them on the dummy to see how they looked.   Then it was time to make the asymmetrical drape which was to be made in organza and have a lot of fullness which would be caught in on the organza skirt to give “puffs”. (I did a template in gold as a trial before cutting it out in Steph’s fabric.)  

I added the blue tulle at the centre back of the dress – joining it to the organza skirt.

Bodice pleating

I enjoy doing pleating on bodices – the lines of the pleats let me really define someone’s shape.  To do this I make up an inner bodice that has the same shape as the boned corset and put both fabrics onto the dummy. 

Using the bias of the fabric which has a bit of stretch so that I can then pull all the pleats around all the curves of the corset. 

Then I take off the middle bodice and sit and sew all the pleats in from the wrong side.  Put all the layers back together again, did loops for the cording to go through at the back of the bodice and sewed up the side seams. 

Attached the skirt to the bodice and sewed in the net underskirt and the dress was ready for Steph to see!

The happy couple with Kerry


I was nervous at the reveal of the dress – I was working for three clients, one of whom I’d never met!  There is that saying “you can’t please everyone”

…. As you saw on screen Steph loved what we’d done for her and the only thing that Kerry and Becki thought needed adding was a bow at the back as they didn’t like the small bow of cording. 

Luckily for me Steph was staying in Liverpool for the next two days so I was able to go and see her.  The dress did look good when Steph first wore it to show Kerry and Becki, but I wanted to do a proper fitting to make sure the bodice fitted perfectly and hem the skirt!

I took the dress round on the day, helped Steph get dressed after she’d had her hair and make up done.  She looked fabulous and you could tell by her face that she felt fabulous!

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