Design Process


If you’ve ever gazed longingly at the red carpet dresses of the stars and dreamed of looking as glamorous on your wedding day then I can make your dream come true

Bespoke Couture Designer – What is involved in having your dress made especially for you?

You may be put off by the idea of so much personal attention, after all you usually just go into a shop select size and colour and walk out with the garment!

Nevertheless a bespoke design gives you so much more. It offers you exactly what you want without compromise.

Your gown will be hand crafted and fitted to you several times during the course of its creation, resulting in a fabulous fit that will be the envy of all your friends.

There are lots of different necklines, one shape will suit you better than all the others. The bodice will have panels cut at different angles dependant on what they are to achieve, some will give a more curvy bustline others can create a smaller waist.

You won’t have noticed these when looking at pictures but when you start trying on, it will immediately be apparent which flatter your shape most (you will have “dropped a dress size” without the diet!).

The finished waistline of the bodice together with the skirt shape and size can slim and take emphasis away from the hips.

These are the main areas to look at, with a fourth being the skirt which then leads you to those fabrics which will achieve the desired shape.

A soft crepe or georgette will be needed for a bias figure hugging cut whilst taffeta gives a sharp defined look required for an A line skirt.

Enjoy your search for your perfect dress and have fun!!

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