rows of piping curving around bustline


Melanie is 6ft tall and was having a Registry Office ceremony with a party at home afterwards.  She wanted a short dress that she could have dyed after the ceremony to wear again. 

She wanted her dress to have detail at the neckline.  After looking at different pictures I had picked to show various ideas which flattered the bustline, Melanie chose bands of piping which then ended in an empire-line curve which also drew attention to her small waist.

She had a stole in chiffon for the evening, but unfortunately needed it during the day as it poured with rain until 4 pm! 


Sue had seen the bodice she liked on one dress and the skirt on another style. 

She wanted a warm creamy gold shade and some embroidery on the bodice, together we chose the bodice shaping and I drew designs that would fit into the boned panels. 

Then I did samples of the embroidery in a few different gold threads and Sue settled on a metallic thread.


Linda's main priority was that she wanted to add colour to her dress.  Her adult bridesmaids were in mink and they were all going to carry red rose bouquets. 

I drew some "traily" designs for the bodice panels and did a sample of embroidery in the mink thread.  This was then beaded using red crystals. 

Linda liked a drape front skirt which had the effect of drawing lines across her which she could take due to her height.  So the result was she didn't look all legs - or all skirt! 



Sarah is 5ft 11, but luckily her groom is even taller!  She wanted a gold bodice with her skirt in a contrasting colour and texture. 

In terms of style she wanted her skirt to drape at the front and to have a billowing long train at the back.

 I advised that using Thai Silk for her skirt would give Sarah exactly what she wanted. 


Melissa knew she wanted her dress to be an off-white colour but not as creamy as ivory.  She wanted her sleeves to be detachable for the evening party.

Drifty Georgette gave the colour and movement she wanted for her “skirt”.  Her neckline was a wide sweetheart shape to the edge of her shoulders. 

It had to still be on her shoulders in order to hide where the sleeves were buttoned on. 



Sue was getting married abroad and wanted a dress that would travel easily.   She liked fluid crepe bias skirts (which, when hung, the creases fall out of). 

She had never worn, but always wanted an off-the-shoulder neckline.  So immediately two choices had been made!

 I suggested extending the "bodice" line down to reduce the appearance of the length of the skirt.  (Sue had really long legs and wanted to wear heels as well!) 

We made the "join" between the skirt and bodice asymmetrial and ruched the whole bodice to follow this line so that it "cut" across her tummy.

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